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Premyo Bonds FAQs

What is a Premyo Bond? 
A Premyo Bond is a type of investment product issued by the Philippine Government. It promises to pay interest quarterly, return the principal amount on maturity date, and a chance to win prizes in the quarterly raffle. A bond holder gets 1 raffle entry for every PHP 500 investment.
Are Premyo Bonds risky? 
Investing in Premyo Bonds is practically risk free since it is guaranteed by the Philippine Government.When you invest in any government bond, you can rest assured that you will get your principal and interests in a timely manner.
However, government bonds still pose some risks like inflation risk and opportunity cost.Inflation risk is the risk that an investment will not grow fast enough to offset the loss in purchasing power, while opportunity cost risk is the risk of missing a chance to earn a higher return by investing in a particular security.
Make sure that you understand the product and all the risks involved before investing, and determine independently that the product is suitable for you.
How do I avail Premyo Bonds? 
You may purchase Premyo Bonds over the counter or online.
Over the counter:
To buy over the counter, you may go to any accredited selling agent or bank and fill out the following forms:
  • Investor’s Undertaking
  • Risk Disclosure for Fixed Income Securities
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Letter of Instruction for PHP fixed income securities
  • Client Suitability Questionnaire
You may invest online if you have an account with any of the accredited online settlement bank.You can use your FirstMetroSec account to buy Premyo Bonds online.Simply follow these steps to invest online thru us:
  • Go
  • Accomplish the online form
  • Select Metrobank/FirstMetroSec as your settlement bank
  • After clicking continue, login using your FirstMetroSec username and password
  • Confirm Payment
No physical forms. No branch visits. No personal appearance. It’s that easy. 
How do I pay for Premyo Bonds? 
If you invest online through FirstMetroSec, the cost will be deducted from your buying power. Please ensure that you have enough buying power before placing the order.
Where do I get the interest payments? 
If you invest online through FirstMetroSec, your interest payments will be added to your buying power.
How often is interest paid? 
Interest is paid quarterly.
When do I get my principal back? 
The principal will be paid back on the maturity date. This will be credited to your buying power.
Can I pre-terminate the Premyo Bonds? 
No. Pre-termination is not allowed for Premyo Bonds.
Can I trade/sell the Premyo Bonds? 
No. Premyo Bonds are to be held until maturity.
Can I transfer the ownership of Premyo Bonds? 
No. Premyo Bonds are non-transferrable.
Refer to the FAQs from the Bureau of Treasury: