What are Premyo Bonds?
Premyo Bonds are government-issued investment products that pay a fixed interest every quarter, with 1-year maturity. But unlike other government securities, Premyo Bonds also offer cash and non-cash prizes for investors in a form of a raffle draw.

What are Small Denomination Investors?
Investors with P500 to P20,000 investment who are eligible to win Special Cash Rewards.
Why invest in Premyo Bonds?
Premyo Bonds are affordable, accessible, and default risk-free investments that give investors a chance to win cash and other exciting rewards per raffle draw. Minimum investment is only P500, and ordering can be done online.
Are Premyo Bonds safe?
Yes. Government securities are considered default risk-free investments because they are a direct and unconditional obligation of the Philippine government. Thus, investors are guaranteed to be paid the quarterly interest and their principal returned upon maturity, regardless of the status of the economy.
Where will the proceeds of the Premyo Bonds go?
The government will use it to fund the country’s response to COVID-19 as well as boosting the Philippine economy.
Who can invest in Premyo Bonds?
Any individual can buy Premyo Bonds, as long as he is 18 years old and above and has an individual account with FirstMetroSec. If you do not have a FirstMetroSec account yet, account opening is quick and easy upon submission of complete requirements. Click HERE  to learn how.
Can foreigners invest in Premyo Bonds?
Yes, foreigners may invest in Premyo Bonds. To open a FirstMetroSec account, you will need to submit your Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) Card. Check the complete list of requirements HERE.
Can I buy Premyo Bonds abroad?
Yes. Ordering is online and may be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world. Just disclose your location (Country of Placement) when ordering from the Bureau of the Treasury website. You may email for assistance.
How much to invest in Premyo Bonds?
Minimum investment is just P500. This entitles you to one (1) Electronic Rewards Number (ERN).  Every additional P500 invested gives you an additional ERN (Example: P5,000 = 10 ERNs).
The maximum per transaction is P500,000. For higher amounts, you may divide into multiple orders instead.
How would I know if I win the raffle?
BTr will broadcast the raffle draw via Facebook Live and announce the winning NRoss numbers. To get your NRoss number, log in to your FirstMetroSec online account then go to Account > Statements > Bond Certificates then click Download. Example: FMSB3641AIXG05.

Can I win more than once?
Yes, your chance of winning is the same every quarter.
When can I order Premyo Bonds 2?
Offer period is from November 11 until 1PM of Dec 11, 2020.
How do I buy Premyo Bonds 2?
1.Go and click the Premyo Bonds banner.
2. Accomplish the online ordering form.
3. Select First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp. as your settlement bank.
4. Click Continue, then log in using your FirstMetroSec username and password to confirm payment.
How do I pay using my FirstMetroSec account?
The cost will be deducted from your account. Please ensure that you have enough cleared/withdrawable cash before placing an order. For instructions on how to fund your account, click HERE.
Are there charges if I buy Premyo Bonds 2 thru FirstMetroSec?
None. There are no broker’s fees for primary issuances.
What is the investors’ proof of investment?
A Confirmation of Sale (COS) will serve as your proof of investment.This will be downloadable from your FirstMetroSec online account within 30 days after Issue Date, which is on Dec. 16, 2020.
How do I claim my prize/s?
Grand Prize winners must present one (1) valid government-issued ID and the Notification Letter sent by the Premyo Bond Facility Agent at any LandBank branch to claim their prizes. Other cash rewards will be credited to your FirstMetroSec account.
Are cash prizes subject to tax?
Tax will be paid by the government, so winners will get the full amount.
Are non-cash prizes subject to tax and convertible to cash?
All additional non-cash shall be net of the 20% final withholding tax. Non-cash rewards cannot be converted to cash.
Are interest payments subject to tax?
Yes, interests are subject to 20% withholding tax.
Are Premyo Bonds eligible as collateral for loans?
No, Premyo Bonds cannot be pledged as collateral because they are non-transferable.
Can I pre-terminate or sell Premyo Bonds 2 before maturity?
No, Premyo Bonds cannot be pre-terminated nor traded. You’ll have to wait for the maturity date to get your principal back.
Is online ordering open after office hours or on weekends?
Yes, the BTR online ordering facility is open throughout the duration of the offer period even on weekends and holidays, except during daily system maintenance between 10PM to 12 midnight.
Can I order using my Metrobank Online account?
No, you need to open a FirstMetroSec account then transfer money from Metrobank to FirstMetroSec before ordering thru the BTr website.
Can Joint and In-Trust-For (ITF) accounts invest?
Yes, through an over-the-counter transaction. For the requirements and procedures, you may contact First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC) at 0918-928-1863; 0918-928-1864; 0947-996-2084; 0908-896-1214.


What are the prizes?
Main Cash Rewards Structure (MCRS) for all participants


Premyo Tier Prize No. of Winners
Grand Prize P 1,000,000 + Additional Rewards 1
Major* P 100,000 10**
Minor* P 20,000 50**
*Major and minor cash rewards shall be credited to your FirstMetroSec account.
**May increase depending on final issue amount
Additional Rewards for Grand Prize winners
Cash Rewards Non-cash rewards
P 6,000,000 Toyota Innova (2 units)
P 3,000,000
Special Cash Rewards for Small Denomination Investors

  No. of Winners per quarter
P 50,000


What is a Bond Exchange?
Premyo Bonds 1 (PB1)  investors may exchange their holdings to Premyo Bonds 2 (PB2) by submitting a Bond Exchange Letter.  When confirmed by the BTr, the investor will get the accrued interest from his PB1 investment while the principal will automatically be transferred for continuation to PB2. Thus, there will be no cash out when investing in PB2.

How do I participate in the Bond Exchange?
Submit a signed Bond Exchange Letter HERE. Enter your registered email, your full name, FirstMetroSec account number, and amount. Select Products and Services, then Bonds under Area of Concern, then attach the letter before clicking Submit.