It's time for a Financial-Literate Philippines

First Metro Securities (FirstMetroSec) is committed to its social role of advancing retail investor education and promoting financial literacy to Filipinos. We make it fun, interactive, and educational for everyone. With this commitment, we ran over 447 seminars and webinars for more than 47,000 individuals in 2018. Our seminars and webinars cover a wide range of topics, from basic financial literacy to investing in stocks and mutual funds. We intend to increase our retail investor education efforts by increasing the number of seminars and expanding our online presence.

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With your help, we can prepare your students, or your employees for their investment journey towards financial freedom with our FREE and on-site Financial Literacy Seminars. Our learning sessions are interactive, engaging and fun, that we named it S.M.I.L.E. or Saving and Money-making thru Investing Learned Easily

Rapid changes in mobile, online and social technologies are revolutionizing the way people interact, spend, borrow, purchase and do business, but not a lot has changed with the way they save and invest.  Teaching Filipinos, young and old, how to take advantage of multitudes of new and emerging opportunities associated with digital technologies can be daunting. Even more challenging is getting them to care about saving and investing, especially with the ease of buying items online. And as leaders like yourself prepare your employees for life-long success, we recognize your desire to develop and integrate financial and digital literacy in the workplace in a way that is enjoyable, meaningful and lasting. 

Develop and integrate financial and digital literacy in the workplace in a way that is enjoyable, meaningful and lasting. 

Our seminars can be customized to include relevant finance issues that are of interest to your employees and to their level of skills and knowledge.  Programs can run from a minimum of two (2) hours to one full day, depending on your preference, and your employees’ availability. We can even hold multiple sessions so as not to disrupt your operations, and even conduct seminars during weekends, or even during wee hours to accommodate your schedule.

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International House, Cavite State Univesity

“We are here not to sell you a product but to sell you an idea.” – the first statement was given by the speaker, Andro Beltran. This showed that care for people’s financial needs is prioritized over earnings. The discussion started out well and strong by citing real-life samples and experiences, continued with the audience’s active participation, and ended with clarified reservations, life realizations and hopefully, to-be-fulfilled actions.

We have searched so long for a speaker/entity to tie-up with to conduct a financial literacy seminar in our community in Indang, Cavite. The price is usually high for well-known speakers, and that is only for a couple of hours; an additional charge will be given once the time limit is exceeded. We did not want to take risks by not choosing what we thought are the best in the field, hence we have hesitations if we would be still able to pull this off. Because they are usually fully booked, we have not received any response to some speakers we’ve enquired. Some needs a formal letter of request first before answering to our general queries which made the process long and indistinct, not allowing us to make estimates and move on with our timeline.

That is why we were very glad I came across FIS’ post about FIRSTMETROSEC’s free financial education seminar. Besides from the given that it has no cost, the Company’s point of contact, who happened to be the speaker also, was very easy to communicate with and was very active in answering our queries. Everything can be clarified, from the topic to the supplementary materials that can be used so that it can be customized to cater the needs and understanding of the audience. Majority of the materials/equipment to be used (projectors, laptop) were also provided by the Company. We were also not charged of the transportation cost of almost a five-hour drive from and to Metro Manila and the weekend work of the team, as it fell on a Saturday. On the day of the seminar, even though the no. of participants was less than what’s expected, delivery was still with much energy and enthusiasm. They were very open to and was able to answer clearly every question raised. We were highly interested until the end especially we learned that Company provides affordable and easy-to-understand saving and investing, which reaches average-income earners, including those living in the rural areas. We, as one of their clients, were really served very well.

Caring for people by helping them secure their financial future is emphasized over earnings. Professional, credible, and knowledgeable personnel who went beyond expectations. That was the experience that FIRSTMETROSEC gave us. No wonder the Company is nominated again as Finance Asia’s Best Stock Brokerage Firm - because you will only get what you give.

Hoping only the best for the Company and the team! May you have more power to continue to sow these seeds of knowledge, discipline, and effort so that all Filipinos can grow much further contributing value not only to their own lives but to others and the whole community as well.

Justine Rodil
Office of the Vice Mayor
Cavite, Philippines