Progreso Bonds para sa Bayan - Retail Treasury Bonds Tranche 24 (RTB24)

How to buy RTBs thru FirstMetroSec

How to buy RTBs thru FirstMetroSec

Step 1: Create a FirstMetroSec Account
Open an INDIVIDUAL account with First Metro Securities (
*Any major Philippine bank account is accepted

Step 2: Fill-up the Online Form
Complete the online form with the following requirements:
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Proof of bank account (account name with account number)
  • Any proof of address (doesn't have to be under your name)
  • Sheet of paper with 1 valid ID, signed 3x
*With complete requirements, it will take 5 business to activate your account

Step 3: Fund your Account
Fund your FirstMetroSec Account to pay for the principal amount of the Retail Treasury Bond (RTB)
*Transaction fees may apply. More details on

Step 4: Buy the RTB
Place your RTB order through the Bureau of the Treasury's website:
*FirstMetroSec will send you a notice of successful payment through email. Your interest and principal will be credited to your FirstMetroSec Account.

Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs) FAQs

What is an RTB?

RTB is a type of investment product issued by the Philippine Government. It promises to pay interest quarterly and return the principal amount on maturity date.
Are RTBs risky? 
Investing in RTBs are considered risk free because it is guaranteed by the Philippine Government. When you invest in any government bond, you can rest assured that you will get your principal and interests in a timely manner.
However, government bonds still pose some risks like inflation risk and opportunity cost. Inflation risk is the risk that an investment will not grow fast enough to offset the loss in purchasing power, while opportunity cost risk is the risk of missing a chance to earn a higher return by investing in a particular security.
Make sure that you understand the product and all the risks involved before investing, and determine independently that the product is suitable for you.
How do I avail RTBs? 
You may invest in RTBs over the counter or online.
Over the counter:
To invest over the counter, you may go to any accredited selling agent or bank and fill out the following forms:

  • Investor’s Undertaking
  • Risk Disclosure for Fixed Income Securities
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Letter of Instruction for PHP fixed income securities
  • Client Suitability Questionnaire
To invest online, you need an account with any of the accredited online settlement service providers, like FirstMetroSec.  Invest in RTB online using FirstMetroSec by doing the following:
  • Go
  • Accomplish the online form
  • Select First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp. as your settlement bank
  • After clicking continue, login using your FirstMetroSec username and password
  • Confirm Payment
No physical forms. No branch visits. No personal appearance. It’s that easy. 
How do I pay for RTBs? 
If you invest online through FirstMetroSec, the cost will be deducted from your buying power. Please ensure that you have enough buying power before placing an order.

How do I fund my buying power? 
You can fund your buying power via the bills payment (through Metrobank, PS Bank, Landbank, BPI, BDO, GCash,, and Credit Card) or bank transfer to any of our bank accounts (Metrobank, PS Bank, BDO, and Landbank). For the complete steps, please go to this link.
Where do I get the interest payments? 
If you invest online through FirstMetroSec, your interest payments will be added to your buying power.
How often is interest paid? 
Interest is paid quarterly.
When do I get my principal back? 
The principal will be paid back on the maturity date. This will be credited to your buying power.
Can I RTBs be pre-terminated? 
No. RTBs cannot be pre-terminated.

Can I trade/sell RTBs? 
Yes. RTBs can be sold in the secondary market.

How do I sell RTBs? 
Fill up the bond order form and send the request to

Will I get the full amount of my principal back when I sell? 
There is no guarantee that the full principal will be given back to you since the price of the RTB is subject to prevailing market conditions and may result in a gain/loss in the principal amount of the investment.

How long will it take to get the sell proceeds from RTB? 
Sell orders will be posted on the market and selling will be on a best-efforts basis. Once the orders are matched on the market, the proceeds will be credited to your trading account after 3 business days.

Can I sell partial amounts of the RTB? 
Yes. You may sell partial amounts of the RTB. FirstMetroSec will be issuing a new Confirmation of Sale for the remaining RTB.

Does having a  Metrobank online account automatically mean that I have a FirstMetroSec Account?
No, you will still need to open a FirstMetroSec account. No branch visits required. Just fill out the online account opening form, verify your email address, and upload or email the documentary requirements to  Your FirstMetroSec account will be activated within 1-2 business days upon submission of complete requirements.
Can I order online even if my bank account is not Metrobank?
Yes, just open a sole individual account with FirstMetroSec. You may nominate any bank account with any commercial bank that has a branch in your non-Metrobank savings or current account as settlement bank.
How much is the broker’s fee?
None. There is no transaction fee for the primary issuance of RTBs.
What will be my proof of ownership?
You will receive your Confirmation of Sale (COS) via email within 30 days after issue date.
I already funded my account but the prompt still says not enough buying power.
Pay using cleared cash. Cleared cash is the amount of cash that can be withdrawn.  Sometimes the amount of cleared cash will be different from the amount you have available for stock trading. Take note of the following to ensure that you have cleared cash to pay for your RTB purchase:
1. Cash from selling stocks takes 3 business days to clear
2. Cash transferred using the Stock Trading Tab takes 3 business days to clear (2pm cut-off)
3. Cash transferred using pay bills becomes cleared funds within 30 minutes, during business hours
Can I order from overseas?
Yes, as long as you have a FirstMetroSec account.

Can I order anytime?
Yes, you may order anytime through the Bureau of Treasury’s website.

What is the maximum amount per order?
PHP 500,000.

Can I order multiple times?

What is the minimum investment per order?
PHP 5,000

Until when can I order online?
Up to 3:00 PM of 7 August 2020.

Refer to the FAQs from the Bureau of Treasury