Voluntary Investment Program (VIP)
The Voluntary Investment Program (VIP) allows you to automatically invest in various mutual funds and exchange-traded funds for as low as P1,500 monthly or bi-monthly.
  1. Encourages disciplined investing
  2. Provides automatic diversification
  3. Hassle-free
How does it work?
To set up your VIP, you just need to decide on three things: how much to invest, how frequent (monthly or bi-monthly) and where to invest.  The amount will be automatically deducted from their buying power on debit date (15th and/or 30th  day of the month).
  • No need to post buy orders on your own
  • Can be sold or redeemed any time
  • No penalties in case of insufficient cash in your account
For mutual funds, you must first complete the FundsMart Risk Assessment and make the initial investment using your FirstMetroSec account. For FMETF, you may invest directly via VIP.

  1. Download and fill out the VIP Enrollment Amendment Form
  2. Set your regular funding arrangement with your bank. Click HERE  to learn how.
  3. Submit the e-signed VIP form as an attachment HERE. Enter your email address and “VIP Enrollment” as Subject. Under Description, enter your full name and FirstMetroSec account number. Select VIP as Area of Concern.

Investment Choices:

First Metro Exchange Traded Fund (FMETF) ETF 1,500**
ALFM Money Market Fund Money Market 5,000
ALFM Peso Bond Fund Bond 5,000
ALFM Phil. Stock Index Fund Equity 5,000
ALFM Growth Fund Equity 5,000
ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund Bond 1,000
ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund Balanced 1,000
ATRAM Unicapital Diversified Growth Fund Balanced 1,000
ATRAM Phil. Equity Opportunity Fund Equity 1,000
ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund Equity 1,000
First Metro Save and Learn Money Market Money Market 5,000
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Bond 5,000
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund Balanced 5,000
First Metro Save and Learn PH Index Fund Equity 5,000
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund Equity 5,000
First Metro Consumer Fund Equity 5,000
Philam Managed Income Fund Bond 1,000
Philam Bond Fund Bond 1,000
Philam Fund Balanced 1,000
PAMI Horizon Fund Balanced 5,000
PAMI Equity Index Fund Equity 1,000
Philam Strategic Growth Fund Equity 5,000
Philequity Peso Bond Fund Bond 1,000
Philequity MSCI Philippines Index Fund Equity 1,000
Philequity PSE Index Fund Equity 1,000
Philequity Fund Equity 1,000
Philequity Dividend Yield Fund Equity 1,000
Philequity Alpha One Fund Equity 1,000
SunLife Prosperity Money Market Fund Money Market 1,000
SunLife Prosperity GS Fund Bond 1,000
SunLife Prosperity Bond Fund Bond 1,000
SunLife Prosperity Balanced Fund Balanced 1,000
SunLife Prosperity PH Stock Index Fund Equity 1,000
SunLife Prosperity PH Equity Fund Equity 1,000
**Subject to board lot: FMETF stock price as of Nov. 11, 2020 x 10 shares plus charges (approx. P1,500)


What is the minimum VIP amount? 
The minimum is P1,500 per debiting date.

What is the maximum VIP amount? 
No maximum amount, but has to be in increments of P500.

Is there a maximum duration? 
No minimum or maximum duration. Your VIP will continue until amended or cancelled. Note that some mutual funds have a minimum holding period and may be subject to an early redemption fee.

What is Debiting Date vs. Investment Date? 
Ensure that you have enough cash in your account during the debiting date, which is either 15th or 30th day of the month. Ideally, this is in sync or set at least one day after your auto-funding schedule with your bank.  Your buy order will be posted on the next trading day – the investment date.

How do I auto-fund my buying power? 
Enroll First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp. as biller through your online banking account with Metrobank, BDO, or BPI using the Regular/Scheduled Transactions option. Make sure to schedule your auto-funding at least one day before the 15th or 30th day of the month to avoid possible delays. For details, click HERE.

At what price is my VIP executed? 
For FMETF, at closing price. For mutual funds, based on the day’s Net Asset Value Per Share (NAVPS).

What happens if the final cost is below or above my set amount? 
If the final cost is less than the VIP amount (ex. total is P1,450 for a P1,500 order), the excess amount (P50) will be credited back to your buying power. Similarly, if the minimum board lot increases to more than your ordered amount, your order will not be posted. In such cases, increase your VIP subscription to cover future top-ups.

Are there other fees/charges? 
For FMETF, regular broker fees (0.25% or P20, whichever is higher) and other charges (PSE fee and VAT) apply.  For mutual funds, none.

Are there penalties if I don’t have enough funds in my account? 
No. Debiting will just skip to the next schedule.

What if I want to change or cancel my VIP subscription? 
Resubmit the VIP Amendment Form to supersede your previous VIP arrangement HERE. Enter your registered email address, choose “VIP Amendment” or “VIP Cancellation”, enter your full name and FirstMetroSec account number. Select Products and Services > VIP as Area of Concern.