Disable Linking FAMI Funds

Feb 01, 2017

First Metro Securities has recently launched FundsMart, our online investment platform for mutual funds. FundsMart will offer many new benefits and features including convenient one-stop access to mutual funds offered by the six biggest fund providers in the country, including First Metro Asset Management, Inc. (“FAMI”). 
To use FundsMart, you may click “Mutual Funds” link on the upper right corner of the webpage after logging in.
While the new system is expected to improve your investing experience, below are a few important changes we want to highlight:

  1. The “Trade FAMI Accounts Online” can now only be accessed when logged in to our website.
  2. To access “Trade FAMI Accounts Online”, on the Navigation Bar, click Main -> Others -> FAMI.
  3. Clients will no longer be able to link an existing FAMI account to our website beginning January 20, 2017.
  4. Clients with linked FAMI Accounts will still be able to view their shares inventory and sell shares though “Trade FAMI Accounts Online”. However, they will no longer be able to buy additional shares.    Clients are encouraged to use FundsMart to buy additional FAMI shares.
We thank you for your understanding during this transition.  We are confident that you will be pleased with our new and enhanced online investment platform for mutual funds. You may contact us at 859-0650 with any questions or concerns.