Calata Upliftment

Dec 28, 2017

Please be informed that we received a letter from PSE advising us that the shares of stock of CALATA CORPORATION (CAL) was delisted from the official registry of PSE effective 11 December 2017.
Given the above, CAL has been deemed an ineligible security in accordance with and pursuant to Rule 1.6 of the Depository Rules quoted below:
                “Rule 1.6 Eligible Securities
                1.6.1 Eligibility Policy
                PCD shall determine from time to time which Securities are eligible to the PCD System. It shall be the policy of PDC to accept Securities as eligible, motu proprio or upon the request of an interested party, to the maximum extent consistent with its operational capabilities.
                1.6.2 Exceptions to Policy
                PCD may refuse to accept a Security as eligible or may discontinue the eligibility of any Security previously accepted as eligible, for any reason including any of the following:
                (b) the Security is neither traded nor likely to be traded on the PSE or on an organized market, nor subject to quotations (representing bona fide offers to Participants to buy and sell in reasonable quantities at stated prices);
                (c) the trading of the Security has been suspended by an order of the SEC, PSE or any other authority having the power to suspend trading in such security; xxx”
In light hereof, please uplift your CAL shares from the Depository following existing uplift processes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, 12 JANUARY 2018.
Please also note the following requirements for Upliftment:
1) Upliftment fee of Php 150.00 - which can be debited from your Buying Power
2) Duly accomplished Upliftment Request Form (see attached)
3) Signed Signature Card - per account holder (see attached)
4) Photocopy of two (2) government-issued IDs - per account holder
5) All shareholders are required to make a personal appearance at the BDO Stock Transfer Office OR submit a bank certification together with 2 valid IDs of the certifying officers. See address below:
                7899 MAKATI AVE, MAKATI CITY
                TEODORA “GIGI” ARCABA- 8784963
a) For shareholders who are currently  out of the country, they need to submit  their consularized specimen signature card and valid IDs
b) For shareholders who are BDO accountholders and are currently out of the country, they just need to advise or request the branch to provide BDO Stock Transfer  with a scanned copy of their signature card from the branch. The branch may then email BDO at Lotus Notes by typing Teodora Arcaba.
For further inquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call (02) 859-0600; (032) 520-5695; (082) 293-9954; or 0917 589-7245.