Philippine H20 Ventures Corp. Tender Offer

May 17, 2018

Please be advised that Udenna Corporation (the Bidder) entered into an agreement with Jolliville Holdings Corp., KGT Ventures, Inc., Melan Properties Corp., NGTO Resources Corp., OTY Development Corp., Nanette T. Ongcarranceja, Ortrud T. Yao, Kenrick G. Ting, Jolly T. Ting and Lourdes G. Ting (the Sellers), for the acquisition of a total of 150,824,890 common shares of H2O, which currently represent approximately 62.006% of the total issued and outstanding shares of H2O. The Bidder intends to conduct a tender offer for the remaining 92,416,614 common shares not subject of the Private Agreement, representing approximately 37.994% of the issued and outstanding common shares of H2O at a purchase price of Php4.30 per share.


Offer period: April 30 to May 28, 2018

Offer price: P4.30/sh. (closing price as of 05.15 = P6.00/sh.) 

Cross date: June 1, 2018

Settlement date: June 5, 2018

Deadline of submission to FMSBC: May 25, 2018

Should you wish to participate or not interested in the tender offer, log in to your online stock trading account, go to MAIN tab then click on Corp Actions.