Double Dragon Follow-on Offering

Jun 29, 2018

We are now accepting reservations for DoubleDragon Properties Corp. (DD) Follow-on Offering. Offer details are as follows:
Offer Price: P30.00/share
Minimum Shares: 100 and in multiples of 100 shares thereafter
Deadline of Reservation with FMSBC: July 03, 2018 (12pm)
Listing Date: July 13, 2018
Reservation made should be on a FIRM COMMITMENT basis with FMSBC. FMSBC’s acceptance of reservation and payment does not guarantee the allocation of shares.
Accounts should have cleared/available funds by July 06, 2018. If the cash balance in stock trading account is enough for the reserved shares, no need to add more funds. (Reservations received with No Pledge/Payment on stated due date will not be honored).
If you intend to avail, please log on to your FMSBC online account. Under MAIN page, please go to SUBSCRIPTIONS tab and look for DD FOO.